Let’s take Software Engineering mobile

It’s hard to believe that the iPhone was released only 7 years ago. The rapid pace with which smartphones & other mobile devices have grown in sales, technology and features even since then is astounding. Global annual shipments of smartphones are now the majority of mobile phone sales. Most of the flagship devices have screens with resolutions that rival our desktop screens. From Google to Facebook to Twitter, being an internet company these days means a significant focus on mobile, and it shows in today’s mobile applications. We are, beyond a doubt, in the mobile age.

In this mobile age, we’re starting to notice that for the average person, a majority of their daily tasks can now be accomplished with a mobile device rather than a desktop computer (and in a lot of cases, they can be accomplished more quickly and easily on mobile). But we’re also starting to wonder if the needs of even some professionals that have depended on desktop computers can be satisfied with a mobile device instead.

One group of professionals in particular has relied heavily on desktop computers and continues to do so today – Software Engineers. It’s time to start wondering how to change this. It’s time to move Software Engineers to mobile devices. It’s time to take Software Engineering out of the cubicle and into coffee shops, parks and beaches.

For the next two years, this blog will be about that vision.